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This is the location where you’ll find extra items every month, special announcements, limited promotions and other things we offer as a benefit of being a member.
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Songwriting Ideas - here are a few thoughts to get you away from writer’s block and moving onto your next song


Songwriting Tips - This is a collection of our best tweets and articles that we’ve found about songwriting.


Recording Resources - here is a list of the places you can go to, near and far, to get your “magic” recorded.


Avoiding Cliches - Cliches are prefabricated. Here is a list of some of the worst of the worst.


Song/Lyric Feedback - Want feedback from the group on your latest project? Here’s a place to post the lyrics and get candid and honest answers of how to change your song for the better. Although there’s no promise that anyone is going to respond - so if you REALLY want feedback - bring your lyrics to an open mic and get feedback that way...


Resources - Want to borrow a book, CD, DVD or something else about songwriting?


Online Tools - Here is a great list of online tools and resources to jump-start your songwriting mojo.


Who Supports Local Music? LOOK HERE! - Here is a list of local clubs, venues and music stores that support the local live music scene.


Songwriter’s Associations - Here is a list of all the best local songwriter’s associations found coast to coast. If you’re traveling and find yourself in one of these locations, be sure to check out their local venues.


Monthly Meeting Minutes - Downloads available for past monthly meetings (back when we actually kept meeting minutes...ah, the good old days) - but there is some good info here.