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S.W.A.N. Compilation CD Now Available!

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Swan Songs 2010 - Story Tellers
“SWAN Songs 2010, Vol. 1”
“SWAN Songs 2010, Vol. 1” is the inaugural CD release featuring recordings from the members of the SongWriters Association Norman. The 17 tracks represent a broad range of styles and songs and showcase the wide diversity of our membership. The CD is available for sale in Norman at Guestroom Records and the Norman Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

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More information about how to purchase online coming soon.  

S.W.A.N. Listening Room


Here’s a place to sample some of the best original work around, all written and performed by the members of the SongWriters Association Norman.


These tracks may be studio recordings or live versions of songs recorded at a recent open mic event at Cafe Plaid.


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#1 - Needle and Thread  by Farrel Droke

#2 - Big League Robert by Jim Madsen

#3 - Love Can Kill by Bill May

#4 - Devil Won’t Dance by Gregg Standridge

#5 - Patience by Katie Mariah

#6 - Frito Chili Pie by Richard “Daddy” Love

#7 - No Enemies by Jared Valouch

#8 - Between You and Me by Gene Mashburn

#9 - A Little Town in Oklahoma by Jim L. Watson

#10 - Greatest Woman in the World by Michael Bendure

#11 - Ghost in the Making by Tom Crider

#12 - Atmosphere and Aether by Russell Kabir

#13 - On the List by Tim Jennings

#14 - Nomad by John Houser

#15 - Drinkin’ Til You’re Sexy by Matt Stratton

#16 - Reflections by John Madison

#17 - California Bound by Darden Pierce

Track Listing
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Title - “Cold Green Eyes”

Artist - Jim Madsen

Album - “...and who the hell are YOU?”, 2010

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Title - “On The List”

Artist - Tim Jennings

Album - “Traveling Light”, 2007

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Title - “September Sky”

Artist - Michael Bendure

Album - “One Millionth Thing”, 2009

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Title - “Kileigh by the Sea”

Artist - Farrel Droke

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Title - “Grampa’s Tacklebox”

Artist - Richard “Daddy” Love

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Title - “Visibly Shaken”

Artist - Tom Crider

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