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John Houser

Norman, OK


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My music style I would describe as acoustic rock with influences of jazz, blues and country. Last winter after a long hiatus from songwriter I went out and picked up a gorgeous new guitar, then roamed the streets looking for places to play. Thanks to wonderful scene in Norman, I have gotten back to one thing that has always been a huge part of life: music.


I fell in love with music during kindergarten while living in Wisconsin as I listened to “Green REM”…I was not yet aware that the band was R.E.M. and the album was Green. My family moved around and landed in upstate New York where I began playing viola (it’s like a violin, only cooler). At 16 I picked up my dad’s Fender Mustang (not a car as you would expect at that age) and that’s when my songwriting began.


Those who know me know how much I love to learn about anything and everything, music has been no exception. My background in orchestra, sound technology, music theory and guitar lessons has given me a lot of tools to approaching songwriting. All I needed was a little spark to get me back to doing what I love. Now I am thankful to have wonderful people around me that inspire me in an area that continues to help evolve me music in different directions.