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Tim Jennings is a singer/songwriter with a diverse and ever growing catalog to his name. Whether you like sweet ballads, country rock or straight blues, Tim has something in his arsanal you will surely love. Hailing from Norman Oklahoma Tim is regularly out and about on stage letting his passions ring.


Tim has been writing songs since he was old enough to pick up a pencil. He has written blues, country, classic rock and bluegrass tunes. Tim recorded Sweet Oklahoma Creek, East Bound Train played 16 weeks on radio in Tulsa and he toured in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma selling over 5,000 copies. His most recent album, Traveling Light Journey is a blend of gospel, blues, country, classic rock and has received local airplay on KGOU in Norman. Tim is forever in the studio at Full of Flavor constantly writing, recording and pitching songs so if you know of anyone who needs a good song contact him at



Traveling Light journey Release 2007

Traveling Light Journey is just that, a journey into the light. As a show of his faith Tim set out on his journey to create an album dedicated to Jesus. With the same feel good style that is all Tim, Traveling Light Journey set the stage for many good things to come.


Midlife Rambler Blues Release 2000

Midlife Rambler Blues is Tim's breakout blues album. This is a new direction for Tim and fits like a glove. With this new project Tim teamed up with Jason Etheridge on bass and Beau Jennings on drums to form a solid foundation to jam out.


On My Own Release 1985

On My Own was Tim's breakout solo album. It gets down to the heart and soul of Tim's songwriting and breaks down all the barriers. This album is the gateway to what was going to dominate Tim's music career for the next fifteen years.

Norman, OK



Tim Jennings