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Our members have many genres and musical styles - each uniquely their own. Here's a sample of what you might hear at a SWAN event on any given Tuesday. Started this page around September 1st 2015. My goal is to have a video for every SWAN member on this page in the next year. Come on folks send me your video link! If you need help putting one together shoot me an email at the address above. - Richard 'Daddy' Love

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Michael Bendure & David Henson - Heartbreak Rodeo

"Poster Boy"
Robert Bartlett

"Dust In My Pocket"
Tom Crider

"Your Chaperone"
Andrew Cullen & the Boulders

"People Of All Countries"
Sierra Rose

"I've Built These Walls"
Richard 'Daddy' Love

"Waiting on a Train"
Tom Marshall

"Pain County"
Mike Rae

"The Only Song"

Matthew Stratton

"We Had It Made"

Chris Tubbs

"I Want You More"

Joe Wilson

"Strokes of Gold"

Jenson Stenberg

"I Should Be Getting Over You"

There's room for more!

SWAN members send us a link
 to your video and website!



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SongWriters Association Norman (SWAN) is a non-profit group organized under the Norman Arts Council. Our mission is to promote and support songwriting and the creation of original music in the Norman/OKC community.

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